Shark attack off Pleasure Point / Santa Cruz leaves teen uninjured


 | March 29, 2020

15-year-old Austin Vera said he felt a jolt and was knocked off his board when he was paddle boarding near Pleasure Point yesterday. Thank goodness he is alright.

Some interesting comments online have popped up regarding if these two kids were complying with the current Shelter in Place. As stated in the City Managers email – “the City of Santa Cruz with California State Parks are asking the public to stay close to home”. Other comments mentioned that even though the 15 year old did the right thing by hitting the shark, should he be as proud as he was and so excited that he had the opportunity to hit a shark?. But others such as the YouTube comment below are totally fine with the comments. What do you think?

Glad that the kids ok And now he’s got “👊 a shark in the head” he can add to his list of life’s experiences… Lol

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