She Adventure Film Tour


 | January 12, 2023

January 28th, 7 pm, Rio Theatre
A portion of proceeds benefit
Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship

Get inspired for life at the She Adventures Film Tour. Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths from independent filmmakers from around the globe that showcase the inspiring women of the adventure world.

Strap yourself in as She Adventure Film Tour takes you running the length of New Zealand, to the summit of Mt Everest, surfing big waves and snowboarding down steep mountains, mountain biking in Utah, breaking through barriers and more.

We will be donating a portion of proceeds to Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship (SCMTS) the local non-profit responsible for building, maintaining, and advocating for trails all throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains. Hope to see you there!

Locally sponsored by Apex Adventures, GOAT Santa Cruz, Event Santa Cruz, Good Times, Santa Cruz Campers, Sandbar Solar, Santa Cruz Waves, Sante Adairius Midtown Portal, Specialized Event Center, Spokesman Bicycles

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List of films: Not necessarily in order

THE LONG PATHWAY– 36 minutes: Australia
Australian trail runner Lucy Clark has long dreamed of setting the speed record for running the Te Araroa in New Zealand. In 2019, she geared up to run the 3,000k trail in less than 70 days. Averaging over a marathon a day, she is faced with lonely days on the trail, wrong turns, dangerous river crossings and solo nights in remote backcountry huts. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Chau Smith has never been one to follow others’ expectations. This sneakered senior sets crazy goals, such as running a marathon on all 7 continents in 7 days. Also surprising … at age 74, she’s on zero medications, has no special diet, and she just might run 80 kilometres in a day if she sochooses.

INTO THE MOUNTAIN – 7 minutes: Brazil
Nicole Barreto is a base jumper who lives at the foot of the iconic and mystical Pedra da Gávea mountain, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After hundreds of climbs to practice the BASE jump, Nicole developed a connection with the mountain and its forest, considered by many to be a mystical mountain.
With a striking photograph and an intimate narrative, Nicole shares her feelings and all the wisdom taught by the mountain, and reflects on how small we are in the face of nature.

Some people spend their entire life discovering who they really are, and what they’re meant to do. Blake Hansen knew early on. The hardest part? Acceptance.
Now a professional mountain biker Hansen is a woman on a mission, committed to a relentless pursuit of personal progression.

UTA: CLIMB FOR KOSOVO – 19 minutes: Kosovo
34 year-old Uta Ibrahimi is the first person from Kosovo to attempt to climb Mount Everest. Her goal is to inspire a new post-war generation in Kosovo to move on from the war and help create a better future for their country.

On the surface, this is a film about mountain climbing; human versus the most unforgiving terrain on the planet, but underneath it is a film about recognition, about empowerment and about having the courage and the determination to step forward and keep going – for Uta and for Kosovo. Uta mirrors her homeland, its history, its sense of place in the world and its battle for recognition. Uta and Kosovo, in that respect, are one and the same.

FUEL – 4 minutes: USA
Skier, mountain lover, muffin maker, ukulele player: Madison Rose Ostergren is a professional big mountain skier and four-season outdoor athlete, based in Jackson Hole, WY and Salt Lake City, UT. See her in her element in the 4 minute fun packed film.

SKIN SWIMMER – 7 minutes: Canada
Waking up on a cold, rainy Vancouver morning, most people choose to stay inside gripping their steaming coffee. This is not the case for Roberta Cenedese, as her mornings look drastically different. Instead, she wakes up and heads for the ocean to dive into the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, only wearing a bathing suit. Through triumph and failure, Roberta trains for one of the most challenging feats in action sports; an ice mile in three degree water. Join resident seals on this gripping and adventurous journey, where Roberta’s intimate connection to the Salish Sea is front and centre.

Fabric: Knowledge is about human connection to the natural world and features pro snowboarders Van Gyn and Estelle Pensiero and big wave surfers Paige Alms and Izzi Gomez. They learn how the human race experiences, understands, develops confidence and gains intuition all while passing on knowledge through mentorship.
A Gift from Tasmania – 9 mins, Australia

Tasmania has a reputation for being home to some of the most spectacular and inhospitably wild terrain in the world. It’s also the gracious host to one of Australia’s toughest bikepacking challenges—the Tassie Gift. Last November, Kirsty Cowie became just the second woman to complete this gruelling self-supported route, climbing more than 36,000 vertical metres over 1,796km. Join her as she shares lessons from her adventure completing this scenic trip to Hell.

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