Smoke Signals (Video)- New Song – By Amplified. & Andrew Bigs


 | May 2, 2022

Smoke Signals features a brilliant collaboration that is both light-hearted and refreshing in native Santa Cruzian Amplified. & Andrew Bigs of San Jose, CA. Smoke Signals makes us reminisce on good times with friends and family, and the unforgettable moments that define friendships. Set in Santa Cruz, CA, Amp and Bigs both talk about memories around town and time spent alongside close friends at bonfires on the beach and the relationships with lifelong friends.

This song is where conscious Hip-Hop meets pop-songwriters in the most organic way. The chorus is an anthem you would sing around a campfire or even with a stadium full of people “How does it feel? Staying up late, drinkin’ till the sunlight”.

Amp and Bigs talked about the process of making Smoke Signals, “As we started writing the song, we immediately leaned into the idea of group vocals… like a bunch of our friends were singing together and encapsulating the spirit of our good times. Our friend Jerome Lindner (who is the main producer on the song), set the tone with the acoustic guitar and we were instantly drawn into nostalgia.”

Smoke Signals feels like it has a diverse influence, ranging as wide as Bob Dylan to Kid Cudi, all wrapped and packaged together with Amp and Bigs’ original sound.

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