So Much Great New Music from Santa Cruz!


 | March 8, 2021

We are always amazed with the musical talent that comes out Santa Cruz County. Even during a pandemic we have had local musicians release music that has charted on the top of the US music charts from the likes of Jesse Daniel and Mira Goto.

And from what we hear, there is so much more great music coming out later this year from some of our favorites including Lindsey Wall and Taylor Rae.

But even more recently, in the last couple of weeks, we have been treated with new releases from Lauren Wahl, KR3TURE & Adrea Castiano and Neil Erickson.

Take a listen below ⬇︎

KR3TURE & Adrea Castiano – Only One

Lauren Wahl – Always

If it were possible, people would have already discovered a way to manipulate the rising sun. We can turn away or shut the curtains, but in the end, we are simply better off learning to wake with the morning light. Within the confines of our bones, it is standard procedure to exert control over ourselves, deciding if and when we are ready to make changes. We often get creative in order to get results. As I sat sipping coffee on a quiet Sunday morning, I imagined a crack in the wall of an old barn. I considered the indisputable fact that as the sun would rise, light would filter through the cracks. Even in micro-doses, that would be enough to illuminate the dust and dander in the air. This was the inspiration and the beginning of the song “Always”. By the end, I had made discoveries I didn’t expect. Discoveries relating to songwriting, production, and even goals for myself as a musician moving forward. It was precisely the concept of forward momentum that took root for me in the song. Forward momentum, with the ability to rest and renew, and nature’s ability to guide us by example when we pay attention. On that morning a song took shape. I hope you enjoy “Always.” It drops digitally March 20th, the Spring Equinox, and is available to listen to now on SoundCloud and YouTube.

I would like to thank the very special Santa Cruzan’s who took part in the creation of “Always”:
Peter Coleman- Santa Cruz Recording Studios, Mark Quinn, Bill Walker, Mariah Roberts, Lars Anderson and Zach Latham. I would also like to thank my friends and family who listened to countless drafts, and supported me with positive vibes and virtual high fives, including Miles Maltbie of Werwisp. – Lauren Wahl

Neil Erickson

Hey Santa Cruz! My name is Neil Erickson and I was born and raised here on the westside- the best side of course. I have just recently released my first original song into the world on SoundCloud called Missing U. The song is about coming to terms with being alone after a break up. I had to make a difficult decision to break up with my girlfriend even though I loved her very much. The song reflects how I coped with those emotions, and how I struggled even though “I was the one who made us break”. I wrote, composed, sang, and produced the whole song from my bedroom. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have been working relentlessly to release my studio produced debut single on all music streaming platforms. The song will be coming out in late March. For more details on the track, and when it will be released, you can follow me @neilderickson on instagram. – Neil Erickson

Click the link below to hear a glimpse of the new song coming out later this month by Neil Erickson.

Teaser for The Way You Love Me


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