Soquel’s Nick Gallant Goes Into the Wild


 | August 21, 2019

Source: GoodTimes

Local singer-songwriter Nick Gallant remembers going to the Salton Sea, setting up his recording equipment, and getting ready to record the song “I Don’t Want To Wait Anymore” for his latest album State Park. He was parked in his van, and he looked around at the desolate and decaying landscape around him, with dead fish everywhere, wondering why he felt he had to drive all the way out here just to record a song.

“The feeling of solitude, of this being my own journey, sunk in for me. I felt a great sense of purpose that I was doing this for more than just the recording,” says Gallant. “I was doing this for me, as a man, trying to bond with myself and learn about myself.”

The song’s expression of loneliness is striking, a noticeable contrast for the folk-rock songwriter, who’s released four albums prior to State Park and is most known for his upbeat folk-pop 2013 tune “Wanderlust,” which was featured in Tap Tap Revenge, a popular mobile game that was downloaded 2 million times.

Gallant wanted to make a different kind of album. To do that, he needed to break out of his normal routine of recording music in the privacy of his home studio. For State Park, he recorded each song at a different California state park from last November through April.

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