Specialty Sports Bra Brand Lume Six Launches


 | October 14, 2021

Santa Cruz, Calif. – Lume Six, a specialty sports bra brand designed and inspired by longtime outdoor industry professional and mountain biker Margaux Elliott, officially launched today. Lume Six — named after the illumination during civil twilight when the sun is six degrees below the horizon — features two signature styles, utilizing premium Italian woven fabric and thoughtful detailing to deliver unparalleled fit and performance for the user.

“I’ve struggled with fit and comfort since I started wearing a sports bra, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have an impact on sports and activities I chose to pursue,” said Margaux Elliott, Lume Six founder, and designer. “Having a highly specialized background in product development has exposed me to innovative materials and construction that I’ve yet to see in today’s sports bra offerings. I’m excited to bring this knowledge to life in Lume Six and provide women and girls a product that not only makes them feel more confident and comfortable but potentially increases their participation in activities that they may have otherwise not chosen due to pain and lack of support.”

Elliott, an accomplished cyclist who in 2020 became the first woman to climb a million feet on a mountain bike in a year, has over a decade of experience developing technical and performance apparel for cycling and snow brands like Giro, Pearl Izumi, and Sessions. Throughout her professional career working with high-performance brands and textiles, Elliott felt sports bras lacked the support and fit that women desire in what is arguably, the most essential and versatile piece of gear they will wear both in and outside of activity, thus inspiring her to create her own line.

Over three years and numerous rounds of prototypes, Lume Six comes to life in two premier styles, the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra, MSRP $120, and the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bras, MSRP $100.

Both styles feature premium Italian woven fabric, which offers the most durability at the lightest weight that can maintain consistent compression over time and use. The textured woven fabric also provides compression and support without impacting freedom of movement. Alleviate straps lay flat and distribute weight to reduce bunching and pressure across the shoulders.

Streamline, bonded seams minimize irritation and create a second-skin on-body fit. An almost invisible single layer in the front allows for maximum airflow and breathability in a high-heat area. At the same time, the halo elastic band and lifting seams ensure structure underneath the bust without affecting how the band lies.

Most notably is the extended sizing and optional lining in the bust, two options that vary immensely from person to person. Many women have trouble finding the proper ratio of bust to rib cage, which inspired Elliott to create a range of band-to-bust sizing to ensure a more customized fit. In addition, both styles will be available with either a sewn-in lining to offer light coverage without the hassle of padding floating and shifting within the garment or an unlined version for those who prefer to forgo the extra material.

Both styles are available online and will have limited distribution at specialty shops in 2022. For more information on Lume Six and its signature launch styles, please visit

Join us for our launch party October 16th in Santa Cruz:

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About Lume Six

Lume Six, founded by Margaux Elliott in October 2021 and based in Santa Cruz, CA, is a specialty sports bra brand offering premium materials and unparalleled fit for everyday and high- performance pursuits. A 1% For The Planet member, Lume Six strives to reduce its environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials and donating a portion of all sales to environmentally-focused nonprofits to ensure a cleaner earth.

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