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 | February 26, 2021
One of the many things we love to do here at Event Santa Cruz is bring local creatives together in our community. We have been working with Taylor Rae, Lindsey Wall, and Adrea Castiano for  years now separately and we thought how great it would be if they come together to make a video collaboration. They were all on board. Taylor and Lindsey already met the year before (on the ESC Radio Show actually – watch their Fleetwood Mac cover of “Dreams” here) but Adrea had not met either of them yet, all though were huge fans of each other on social media.


The plan was to get together, rehearse a song or two (or three) and then come back and record a well produced video on a later date while having all of the process well documented in photographs. I reached out to our good friend and amazing photographer Taylor Boone to see if she was available / interested and we were beyond excited when she said yes. One thing lead to another and morphed into a full blown photo session with a short rehearsal of a few songs. We still plan hopefully in the near future to make that video but in the meantime here are a couple pictures of Adrea, Taylor, and Lindsey with short expressions of their experience.


Taylor Boone (The Photographer)


Back in what seemed to be a year from A Steven Spielberg moving Matthew from Event Santa Cruz reached out to see if I was available to do a photoshoot for Lindsey Wall, Taylor Rae, and Adrea Castiano. I meet Lindsey the previous year at the Event Santa Cruz Photobomb Night event.
Seeing that most of my sessions were delayed due to COVID I was more than game to do this shoot!
Once we started rolling I could feel the energy these three amazing beings had and started to push them to go outside the space and see what would surrender well for the backdrop. The energy picked up and all three leaned into the process. Over the last 20 years, I find I work best when the subject will trust me and surrenders. 
Magic was created and in a day that I needed it! Last year started off hard once COVID hit but we quickly found our way and as an artist, I need the creative energy to return.  
I can’t wait to work with Matthew, Lindsey, Adrea, and Taylor again!


Lindsey Wall (Musician)


My experience working with Taylor Boone was empowering. She has a beautiful way of encouraging her subject to feel like their most powerful and authentic self through her lens. Doing the group shots with Taylor and Adrea standing on either side of me felt like a force of energy in that space of openness. These women are all such powerful artists and we all connected in this space in a unique way that left us all inspired and uplifted for weeks following. And it was Event Santa Cruz that brought us all together in that barn of dreams.


Taylor Rae (Musician) 


Working with Taylor Boone was more than just your average photoshoot experience. The call we had with her before the shoot was so inspiring and almost like a mini-therapy session. She encouraged us to enter into the experience with confidence and abundant self-love. She suggested we put on our favorite “pump-up” songs while we got ready in the morning – that really set the mood for me. Photoshoots can bring up a lot of insecurities for many people, including myself, and she did such a great job of creating a safe space to be vulnerable and expressive. Right off the bat I could feel that everything she was doing was met with mindfulness and intention. The way she directs, shoots, encourages, and gets inspired is what makes her an incredible artist. Her energy is magic. I very much look forward to shooting with her again soon.



Adrea Castiano (Musician)


I can honestly say this photoshoot was one of the highlights of my year. Taylor Boone was so professional, and her passion and energy were contagious. I don’t normally enjoy getting my picture taken, but Taylor made us all feel so comfortable and confident. It was humbling to think someone of her caliber would offer to take time out of her schedule to support like that. She really took a nerve racking experience and made it fun! I think we all walked away feeling empowered, supported, and so grateful for the opportunity to shine.

I hadn’t met Lindsey or Taylor before the shoot, but I had been a huge fan of both of them for a long time. It’s hard to put my admiration into words. They are both such powerful songwriters and uniquely beautiful singers. It was an honor to play with them. We were all kind of in love with each other’s music already, so meeting in person and playing together was really special.


Want to learn more about Taylor Boone, Taylor Rae, Lindsey Wall, and Adrea Castiano?
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