Terroir in a Jar Finds Life for Farms’ Unsellable Foods


 | July 27, 2019


It’s no surprise that Tabitha Stroup is cooking up something new, different and delicious. Stroup is one of the longtime culinary queens of Santa Cruz. She started her career in the Dream Inn kitchen in the early ’90s, then to other venues and projects—notably Friend in Cheeses Jam Company. But Stroup is moving on from her national brand, which she started in 2011. 

“Friend in Cheeses is doing her thing—she’s still competing with the Smuckers of the world, but she’s doing good,” Stroup says. “That was my vanity project, but now my focus is on something else.”

That something else is Terroir in a Jar, a co-packing company focused on small farms and sustainability. The project started as an “aha”moment for Stroup, when she realized that she could help extend the life of not only bruised, ugly or unsellable products, but also the farmers behind them. 

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