Terroir in a Jar


 | March 6, 2020

Wow, can you believe NEXTies 2020 is two weeks away! We were so stoked to announce this year’s honorees, but the real fun is in celebrating those amazing people and businesses.

Today’s we’re celebrating Terroir in a Jar, the Innovative Business of the Year.

Food waste is a huge global problem. And we mean HUGE. Over 20 billion pounds of good produce goes to waste every year. 45% of fruits and vegetables grown in this country are never eaten. And yet global hunger remains an equally enormous problem. The brilliant creators Terroir in a Jar saw these two problems and envision one delicious solution.

They take unused or unusable produce and turn it into jams, jellies, syrups, even beer and hot sauce. Then they sell those hand-crafted products back to farmers at wholesale, so farmers can turn a profit on their tastefully transformed goods. 

Terroir in a Jar created this incredible video with Brokensine Productions to explain their mission. Check it out to learn straight from co-founders Tabitha Stroup and Heather Wagner, plus hear what small farmers have to say about this incredible work.

Not only does Terroir in a Jar work with a multitude of small, local, organic-certified farms to support a thriving community, they’re also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of everything they do. They’re the first Green Certified kitchen in California, and they package in recycled glass.  

Announcing: Door Prizes and VIP Goodies

Hey, did you get your tickets yet? Did you know that VIP NEXTies tickets come with access to the epic after-party at the Paradox pool plus a surprise gift from our beloved sponsor Yoso Wellness Spa?

And there’s more! Purchase your ticket between March 1 and March 8, and be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to Yoso Wellness Spa. If you already bought your ticket*, don’t worry, you’ll be entered to win, too. 

Look for another door prize announcement next week—it’s going to be a good one. Hint: start planning a luxurious Santa Cruz stay-cation. 

*Complimentary tickets are not eligible to win prizes.

THANK YOU to new NEXTies sponsors Yoso Wellness Spa, Studio Holliday, Wribbn, Housing Matters, Off the Lip Radio Show, Santa Cruz Engraving and Community Foundation Santa Cruz County.

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