The Edible Night – Huge Success for Entrepreneurs that feed us!


 | November 25, 2014


   Last Monday down town at Assembly we hosted the successful return of The Edible Night! 

This time around we had ton of Edible speakers and gifted musicians. Assembly generously opened up their bar and kept our guests from getting too thirsty. While Mortal DumplingAshby Confections, Cardamom Tuesday, Mutari Hot Chocolate, and Friend In Cheeses Jam Company kept our guests bellies full. 



















Each one of our entrepreneurs from the world of food talked about what drives and motivates them to do what they do. Our talented speakers for this night included: 

Zach Davis from The Penny Ice CreameryAssembly, and The Picnic Basket

Andrea Conklin Mollenauer from Lifestyle Culinary Arts told us about her path to teaching people how to nourish themselves. 

Romney Durnbar from Dunbar Productions talked about his new Show “100 Mile Meals”.

Tabitha Raquel Stroup from Friend In Cheeses Jam Company explained what it is like for her to live a full foodie lifestyle

Marci Prolo and Adrienne Megoran from An Epicurious Lifestyle talked about how they came together to create their company in the heart of Santa Cruz. 

Annie Pautsch from Brew Cruz explained why driving  people around in her bus from brewery to brewery is one of her favorite activities!



















Liz Birnbaum the Incoming Board Chair for Slow Food Santa Cruz

Nesh Dhillon from Santa Cruz Farmers Markets told us what makes him so excited to be working with local farmers. 

And our musical guests Matt Ruiz and Katie Ekin opened and closed the show for us!

What a great night! 


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  1. Beautiful images, Kimberley! I’ve been tioyng with the idea of getting a pressure cooker for a while, and this might just push me over the edge. I live at altitude and no matter what I do, I cannot seem to cook dried beans properly. I’m thinking a pressure cooker might help, and I can add delicious falling apart meat dishes to the list of things to do with my new pressure cooker.

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