The Expendables at Event Santa Cruz Midtown Fridays!


 | July 29, 2022

I got a call yesterday from Neil Pearlberg from Off the Lip Radio Show. Neil has been the reason why there is such great music every Friday at Event Santa Cruz Midtown Fridays Summer Block Party. He scheduled over 30 bands and musicians this year. There was one night though that Neil did not schedule. That being this years grand finale on September 30. We had no bands scheduled, but that was on purpose. Neil and I wanted that night to be really special. We came up with some good ideas but we knew what we really wanted and who would make it a super memorable night. Anyway, back to the call. So, he calls me yesterday and says “Hey Matt, are you sitting down?” I said no, but tell me anyway. “The Expendables are playing the finale!”, Neil says over the phone in an excited tone. That is exactly who we both wanted from the beginning. So there you have it. The Expendables on September 30 at Event Santa Cruz Midtown Fridays Summer Block Party. It’s a free show and we have some surprises that night for sure that we will be sharing soon. So see you there / then and every Friday as well leading up to the end of September.

Thanks Neil and The Expendables!!!

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