The Little Wahine


 | October 13, 2020

Author Chelsea Brown (this month’s Ventana Surfboards featured Author) in the video below talks about her soon to be released book – The Little Wahine. You can already read the book on Instagram. But if you want to help support making this book into print please consider supporting the Kickstarter.

The Little Wahine is a children’s book about empowering courage, perseverance, and resilience to ride the waves of change.

The book is a series of powerful life lessons shared in rhyming poetry intended to facilitate self-reflection, dialogue, creativity, discussion, and action. Each life lesson begins with the sun reminding the little wahine of the power she possesses, and ends with the moon celebrating her journey. The Little Wahine gifts the reader with a series of life lessons learned through a relationship with life: Find Your Rhythm, Practice Self Love, Beauty Is In Your Breath, Love Your Journey, Knowledge Is Power, Bring People Together, Protect Mother Nature, and Celebrate Living. Each chapter has a creative space for self-reflection and expression for the reader to write, draw, and create.

Read The Little Wahine for free on Instagram @thelittlewahine. You can pre order and support the cause now until November 30th on The Little Wahine Kickstarter.

Chelsea K. Brown (author), Jaz Meier (illustrator), Jihee Kim (designer)

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