The Santa Cruz Business Community Quiet Heroes


 | November 11, 2020

Often, it is the quiet heroes who are most remarkable. The ones who reach out to help others even as they are struggling themselves. Local business owners Jennalee Dahlen (Yoso Wellness Spa) and Kamala Allison (Fybr Bamboo) are two such examples of kindness in the midst of hardship.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Yoso has only been operational for nine weeks out of the last seven months. “It’s been totally crushing,” Jennalee told Susan True, the CEO of Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, as she handed Susan a $500 check for the Fire Response Fund. “I’m just so glad there’s a way to help.”

Even as she herself was a CZU evacuee on top of working hard to keep Fyber afloat during COVID, Kamala found a way to help. She fundraised for fire relief by selling a “Santa Cruz Strong” mug and coordinated matching donations with local businesses including Santa Cruz Plumbing, Mynt, and Complete Mailing. Kamala ended up selling 1,239 mugs and raising $12,105 for the Community Foundation and $1,734 for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. “During this stressful time,” Kamala said, “it was really good to bury myself in a project where I could utilize Fybr’s resources for good.”

This is what community means—helping each other as we make it through tough times. As the holiday season approaches, it’s time for us to do our part and shop local to support these quiet heroes and sustain our community.

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