The Vodka that Changes Color! – Luna Sea Vodka


 | June 14, 2022

It’s been too long since we have caught up with Deven Wek, founder of Luna Sea Vodka. In this catch up interview we learn what huge hurtles Luna Sea had to overcome to bring the infused butterfly pea flower blue vodka to market, how tenacity as a entrepreneur helped and of course we to watch how his vodka changes the color from a deep blue to a purple haze by just adding citrus.

Deven Wek knows vodka. He was born to an Ukranian father who taught him – in his early teens – how to taste vodka and understand all its various elements. Through his late teens he continued to absorb learnings from his family in Ukraine by regularly attending classes on how to make vodka; what we like to call, the proper way.

Deven decided he would take all his learnings back to the United States, but first stopped over in Guatemala/Mexico where he was able to study the alcohol trade first hand through hands-on proveying of tequila.

With several years of experience now under his belt, he decided it was time to follow his dream of  creating a vodka brand to honor his now-late father. From there, he hung up his tequila hat, moved to Santa Cruz, California and began the long journey to create what is now known as Luna Sea Spirits. With hard work and little sleep, Deven remained driven to succeed on his journey. With the support of his community along with some careful budgeting, he obtained the license needed to create what you now know as the double gold winning vodka, Luna Sea.

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