The Zero Shop – Santa Cruz’s resource for living waste and chemical-free


 | July 22, 2019

By Sarah Guidon

Living in a place as beautiful and progressive as Santa Cruz, it’s almost easy to forget that we are in the midst of the worst environmental crisis the world has ever endured. Most of the plastic that has ever been made is now in the ocean, and earth’s average surface temperature is rising every year. 

The good news is that when we humans want something bad enough, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. We’ve put a man on the moon, invented self-driving cars, you name it! 

The Zero Shop in Capitola Village is a great resource for those in the Santa Cruz area wanting to integrate more waste-free and chemical-free solutions into their life. The Zero Shop offers an array of products for cooking, travel, cleaning, self-care, and even items like surfboards and flip-flops! I love visiting the store — every time I go, I discover something new. I recently purchased a bar of shave soap from them, and not only does it remove one more plastic container from my regular consumption but it’s also the smoothest shave I’ve ever had.

The Zero Shop is an educational resource as well, with an awesome blog that covers subjects like travel solutions, DIY, and product reviews. They also provide receptacles so you can also bring in your old wetsuits, beauty products, flip-flops, contact lens waste, and other items that commonly find their way to landfill. Because sadly, only 9% of what we recycle actually gets recycled.

We are STOKED to welcome the Zero Shop to participate at our upcoming Super Sonic Summer West Side Block Party! They will be there offering functional and beautiful necessities to make your life simpler and more waste-free. Don’t miss out on this awesome event on August 2nd at 345 Swift Street, starting at 5:30! $1 of every $3 admission will go to Island Conservation. RSVP here:

Cant wait to see you all there!

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