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 | March 20, 2014

Tomorrow night is the 6th Event Santa Cruz. I’m really excited to go. I went to the first one last September and have been to several since. Each event has proven to be a great experience that has led me into new meaningful partnerships and friendships.

My original motivations to attend seemed normal. I wanted to meet some local successful and inspiring people and make my name and business known. Networking, right?

But what I’ve learned is something that, deep down, I’ve always known, and it’s humbling. It’s a trait that I’ve noted in the most successful of leaders and have longed and labored to have in myself. It’s the secret ingredient that must accompany your more obvious talents in order to achieve real success. It’s Empowerment. It’s the ability to hand the torch to someone else and be more stoked about how they will carry it than you would be to continue carrying it all by yourself.

Straight up. The common trait I see in all everyone who’s shared about their businesses, adventures, and experiences is that they’re busy creating opportunities for others to succeed or be inspired. These folks have been led to places of greater reward and accomplishment by showing others ways to reach theirs. Forging success for yourself by your sweat and tears can be cool. A lot of people are doing that. But when you’re motivation is to create a platform and precedent for others to realize their success, by golly, then you’re on to something.

Socially conscious and involved business leadership is becoming the new standard. Good grades and drug rehab is now expected more than it’s considered taboo or lame. We have so many ways to be intentional and direct with our time and resources; so many private projects to fund, so many small businesses to buy from, so many non-profits to give your time to. To see who I’m talking about just check out the Event Santa Cruz website for some videos and names of people doing rad stuff with other people, or just come out to the next event.

Golden Rule is golden for a reason.
One parting thought; a modification to an old adage—

“People don’t care what you can do until you do what makes them care.”


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