Top 5 Burritos in Santa Cruz


 | December 12, 2019

Steven Fafel, the Burrito Guy gives us his picks for the top five places in Santa Cruz to get a burrito. Steve travels around California trying different burritos and reviewing them on his Instagram account.

In this video not only does he go into detail about why he picked these top five burritos in town but he also goes into the details of his rating system.

And of course he talks about why the burrito is the perfect food (we tottally agree).

Check out his instagram account for all his other reviews:

For a quick peak at the top five locations scroll down (but you are kinda cheating 😉).

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5. Taqueria Michoacan – 21401 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
4. Mijos Taqueria – 200 Monterey Ave #2, Capitola
3. Taqueria Vallarta – 608 Soquel Ave, 1221 Mission St & 893 41st Ave
2. Taqueria Santa Cruz – 2215 Mission St & 1002 Soquel Ave
1. Los Pericos Taqueria – 139 Water St, Santa Cruz

Do you agree? What hot burrito spots do you think are missing? Tell us in the comments below. My wife was shocked that The Taco Bar downtown (El Palomar Taco Bar – 1336 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz) was not on the list. I also thought Taqueria Los Gallos (235 Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley) would be included but then I got clarification that this list is only Santa Cruz (well, there was a Capitoal location).

Steven Fafel was not including Breakfast Burritos in this list but he did mention that one of his next stops besides the city of Watsonville was The Point Market in Pleasure Point (23040 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz). Watch the video by our good friends at EatUp Silicon Valley as they review the Cali Barrel Burrito! A massive burrito filled with eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese, and of course, grilled potatoes.

Now it is your turn. Again, where is your favorite Burrito served? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Whaaaa? No way. Vallarta and Santa Cruz are basically the same. And no De La Hacienda with their fresh veggies and whole slices of avocado? I’m gonna have to see your burrito credentials, sir.

    1. We agree with this statement. Taqueria Vallarta does not spread the ingredients out and waaaay overloads the rice. If La-Ha isn’t on here, I don’t trust this list.

      1. Are you kidding? Where is De la Hacienda?? Tacos Morenos?? Did he even go to these? I’d like to know if they were rated.

  2. Hey Steven , this is aunt Kennedy and uncle Nathan . Looks like your really living the Sho Biz life!!!!! This made me want a burito . Can’t wait to see at Christmastime . With Love aunt k and uncle n

  3. My two favorites are tacos Moreno’s and taqueria Agave.

    Haven’t eaten at some of the ones mentioned do I won’t compare but I know what I like. And Frijolito’s in downtown Watsonville.

  4. I’ve tried burritos at all of the places mentioned.
    As for the list, In my opinion, #4 and #5 were awful.
    # 2 and #3 are slightly better but similar – greasy with sometimes gristly or fatty meat.
    #1 I’d never go back to – plus uncomfortable ambience.
    Tacos Morenos at all three locations are my go to spots – consistently great, healthy and fast!
    La Hacienda would be next.

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