Verve Coffee Roasters Launches New Ready-to-Drink Flash Brew Oatmilk Lattes


 | July 19, 2022

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Verve Coffee Roasters, a Santa Cruz based specialty coffee company that offers some of the world’s highest quality craft coffee, launched its new line of ready-to-drink (RTD) Flash Brew Oatmilk Lattes. Available in three flavors including The Original, Chocolate and Honey Lavender, a first-to-market flavor in the category, Verve’s Flash Brew Oatmilk Lattes average 40 to 50 fewer calories per serving and two to three grams less sugar compared to similar products. The new RTDs are now available in all 13 Verve cafes in California, and will be available on Verve‘s website, Amazon and in grocery retailers this summer.

“We make thousands of delicious lattes every day between all of our cafes, putting us in the best possible position to bring a ready-to-drink product to market that uses the same high quality ingredients that we use at retail,” said Colby Barr, co-founder of Verve Coffee Roasters. “Our team has been working to perfect our Flash Brew Oatmilk Latte recipe for several years to ensure it is unlike anything anyone has tasted.”

The new Flash Brew Oatmilk Latte category is an alternative milk extension of Verve’s Direct Trade Flash Brew, the brand’s first RTD product that became wildly popular upon launching in 2018. In expanding the brand’s RTD category, Verve developed a proprietary recipe of oatmilk formulated specifically to showcase the Flash Brew nitro-infused coffee resulting in a crafted-from-scratch innovation specifically designed for Verve’s customers.

Verve’s Flash Brew Oatmilk Latte flavors include:

  • The Original: Achieves a creamy and balanced coffee-forward profile without ever sacrificing the strength and presence of the coffee that Verve’s producer partners, roasters, and RTD team work so hard to protect and enhance.
  • Chocolate: Rich, thick, dark and decadent. This flavor appeals to the dessert coffee drinker that is looking for a marriage of rich cocoa and smoothness.
  • Honey Lavender: Unlike any other on the market, the Honey Lavender is for someone that is looking for lighter notes, a slightly sweet floral perfume and a subtle refreshing lift.

“Our Flash Brew Oatmilk Latte is for someone who expects a high level of quality, intentionality and ingredient selection. In our minds, a beverage that is designed for convenience is not exempt from the meticulous crafting process that all of our products go through,” said Verve’s Head of RTD, Baker Carroll. “As always, we strived to create something that speaks to our integrity in sourcing, roasting and finding the highest quality ingredients that showcase the uniqueness of the flavors and create a beautifully rounded beverage that we can stand behind.”

For more information or to locate a Verve cafe, visit or follow Verve via social @VerveCoffee.

About Verve Coffee Roasters
Founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, Verve fuses craft, culture and communities behind the finest coffee. With a retail presence across the globe from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Tokyo, Verve sources and roasts the most unique coffees from around the world, and actively participates in the entire supply chain from Farmlevel to Streetlevel. Verve operates exclusively in the specialty coffee market, selecting from only the top 1% of all coffees around the world. As the company has grown in popularity and size, Verve has proudly stayed independent and is actively involved in its direct-trade buying model, and small-batch roasts daily out of the company’s headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA. To learn more about Verve, visit


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