Watch Me Breathe – SWALLOW [Official Video]


 | June 11, 2021

Shot & Directed by Andrew Vicente in Santa Cruz, California


i try to hide it
i try to just lay low
be on my way back home
but I know

that you don’t like it
you’re staring out the window
at the rows and rows of those

same familiar buildings
the same old unavoidable feeling
welling up
patterns in the ceiling
in the ceiling

the same band posters on your wall
and the same conversation
i’m too distant and i’m too cynical
am i listening? don’t be difficult

i don’t wanna sit thru all
the same explanations
i’m so tired of words and visuals
i’ll just swallow it
i’ll just swallow it

i guess i’ll just swallow all my pride
i guess i’ll just swallow all my

thoughts i have inside
i guess nobody likes my insights
i don’t mind
i guess i just won’t try to be understood anymore

but you don’t like it
you’re saying
baby don’t you know nobody knows you better than me?
and i’m scared to leave
i’m scared to leave

then your roommate came stumbling in
with an awkward hello and then
she disappeared fully again
(i hate it, i hate it, i hate it)

i guess the good life never begins
cause the stalling never ends
should we just do takeout again?
(i hate it, i hate it, i hate it)

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