Welcome Sarah Guidon to the Event Santa Cruz team!


 | May 24, 2019

We’d like to welcome Sarah Guidon to the Event Santa Cruz team! She will be joining us to do event logistics, marketing, advertising and social media. 

Stemming from a keen interest in writing and literature, she enjoys the challenge of using words, images, and design to create a sense of connection to a brand’s audience. The past couple years she’s been helping local small businesses establish a unique online presence in an increasingly image-driven world. YaDoggie, Santa Cruz CORE, and Temple of Original Thunder are just a few of the businesses she’s had the pleasure of working with in recent years.

Now we are joining forces to offer you a unique social media experience through Event Santa Cruz! As Event Santa Cruz has grown, so has our knowledge of every facet of our community — our commerce, our people, our events, and resources. This makes marketing for our own events a breeze! Now how great would it be to leverage this marketing potential for others as well?

Event Santa Cruz Social Media services now available include: Social Media Management, Social Media Audits, Newsletter creation, Event logistics conceptualization and and feature posts on Event Santa Cruz social media and radio platforms.  

The instant benefits of having a social media presence are: increased SEO, keep your customers up-to-date, and build brand awareness and trust. 

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, nearly 92 percent of purchases take place offline following online consumer activity. The results of the study are backed up by results from studies conducted by Accenture, Yahoo, and comScore. 

Not only do we know social media, but we can also plug you in to our local network, systemize your social media activity, streamline the way you present information, and most importantly, connect you with your community.

We’re stoked to welcome Sarah to the team!

Interested in Event Santa Cruz helping you with social media, marketing, or events? Reach out to us on our Contact Page. We can’t wait to help you!

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  1. Welcome, Sarah – I hope you will assist Matthew in continuing to post events too the Santa Cruz Party Party’s Facebook page with 3.9K members.

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