2020 NEXTies Artist of the Year: Taylor Reinhold


 | February 28, 2020

Thank you to Taylor Reinhold for coming on the Event Santa Cruz Radio Show on KSQD 90.7fm. We look forward to seeing Reinhold and all the other honorees at the 2020 NEXTies on March 20. More info here.

From Taylor Reinhold’s website:

Taylor Reinhold was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, with his early years in Soquel, and later graduating from Santa Cruz High.  After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Santa Clara University, he returned home to Santa Cruz.  It was then that his art began to blossom.  In 2009, Reinhold founded Made Fresh Crew, a collective of artisans ranging in talents from pottery, glass blowing, videography, painting and jewelry making.  Since then he has worked to promote creativity amongst the youth through artistic community outreach projects.  He has organized and led workshops in multiple non-profit organizations including Youth Now, Mariposa Arts, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

Reinhold is community-oriented.  In 2011, he was granted a National Endowment of the Arts Award to co-curate the first ever Urban Arts Festival in Watsonville, California.  The event aimed to educate youth about sustainable art, public murals, and silk screening.  Since then, he has taught art and mural classes for Mariposa’s Art and created multiple community-based art projects in the County of Santa Cruz. 

Perpetually creating, Reinhold currently designs and produces original, handmade clothing and wearable art with fellow skilled artists in the Made Fresh Crew art collective. In addition to producing clothing, Reinhold also enjoys painting and silk screening on objects from the urban landscape, such as recycled spray cans.

In 2015, Reinhold spent five months traveling across Latin America while trading mural painting for food and housing.  For the past three summers, he created mural installations at over ten West Coast music festivals.  He has an unrelenting passion for creating art and beautifying public space.  Reinhold has found his calling in painting murals and continues to paint around the Bay Area.  He has been contracted to do large scale installations for Burning Man, Plantronics, Comcast, and LinkedIn with a couple more in the works.

In 2017, Reinhold teamed up with the new sock company Merge4 to have his designs printed on socks.  He currently has eight different sock designs, two of those being woman’s socks. Check out his socks here

Meet Taylor and tour his studio each October during Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s Open Studio Art Tour.  He has been participating since 2015 and received special recognition with the cover of the guide in 2017.  He is an artist on the rise, featured as a Spotlight Artist in the 2018 Art Expo Las Vegas.


Also, Reinhold is involved in a super cool organization, PangeaSeed Foundation. There is going to be a huge mural festival in June. Contact Reinhold on his website to learn how you can help or get involved.

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