A New Santa Cruz Conversation: The Area 831 Podcast


 | June 2, 2023

The Area 831 Podcast is a new series created and produced by Joe Bettencourt and co-hosted by Michael Gaither (songwriter, KPIG Radio DJ and Santa Cruz Sentinel arts writer) and Emily Stansell. It explores the lives of people who call Santa Cruz home – or have spent time in the area – and have gone on to do some pretty amazing things.

This audio series showcases the stories of musicians, business leaders, activists, and more, offering a unique glimpse into their journeys, achievements, and contributions. Recent guests have included – to name a few – James Durbin of American Idol fame, Russ Rankin of the band Good Riddance, business owners Gayle and Joe Ortiz (of Gayle’s Bakery), LifeAid co-founder Aaron Hinde, and Rob Darrow, Chair of Santa Cruz Pride.

Listen in, subscribe, and learn about some of the amazing people in our community. You’ll find The Area 831 Podcast at and on all platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube) where you get your favorite podcasts.

And if you know someone with a great story who’d be a great interview, contact the podcast and make a suggestion. They’d love to hear from you! –

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