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 | March 10, 2022

Hey! Hey you! Do you want to be part of a new, up and coming start-up focusing  on showcasing local music? Well now’s your chance! 

For years Event Santa Cruz has been known as the premiere, go-to organization for featuring everything new, interesting and positively Santa Cruz. From the NEXTies to block parties, hosting concerts, showcasing artists and entrepreneurs, and underscoring the tastiest restaurants, Event Santa Cruz has done it all. Now we are branching out with a new venture focusing purely on local musicians. 

There’s no denying Santa Cruz’s elaborate music scene. Country, punk, rock, metal, hip hop, electronic and more flows through our streets and venues from downtown to the mountains. Yet, the local scene can often be fractured with musicians not knowing who to collaborate with, where to turn for help, or how to effectively market themselves in a constantly changing environment. 

Event Santa Cruz Music wants to change all that. 

From throwing shows to promoting local music, helping musicians handle the business side of the craft, connecting them with managers, representation, music engineers and more, Event Santa Cruz Music will bridge the music scene in new and exciting ways. The goal is to create a special, distinct company whose purpose is to highlight and uplift the local music community and help musicians reach the next level in their career. 

We (a team of three individials deaply involved in the Santa Cruz music scene) are currently looking for unique, charismatic and hard-working individuals who are up for the task helping build this dream. Are you a social media promoter? Do you have a knack for office management? Are you a business-oriented mind looking for a fun way to use your expertise? Then apply today! 

Applicants with deep roots in the Santa Cruz music scene are encouraged, but not required as chosen candidates will be thrust firmly into the community. 

So what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to be a part of a completely exceptional experience from the ground up as we build a bigger and brighter spotlight on the best music Santa Cruz has to offer. 

If interested, reach out to us and let’s talk! In your initial email let us know why you are interested and your experience that would add to what we are doing. Email

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  1. Hey Events SC! I think this is a great idea. Santa Cruz does in fact have so much musical talent. A few ideas to help the musicians: promote their socials (IG, FB, YouTube, etc); promote their streaming–one idea is to
    approach local brick and mortar businesses who play music in their stores (salons, grocery stores, clothing stores, surf shops, etc) and get them to add the locals to their playlists; have festivals for the locals–all genres!–where they’d get to perform solo, duo, collab, as well as sell merch and have meet & greets; get a spot on local radio to highlight/play/promote/interview local musicians; each week/month highlight local musicians with short bios and links and/or “what’s happening this week” sort of blurb–maybe a podcast; behind the scenes…… OK, there’s my 2 cents! 😀 I’m looking forward to watching this unfold.

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