GO Santa Cruz Doubles E-Bike Rebates


 | July 14, 2022

Rebate of up to $800 now available for Downtown Santa Cruz employees

SANTA CRUZ, CA (July 14, 2022) – The City of Santa Cruz today announced e-bike rebates have been doubled for downtown employees who enroll in the GO Santa Cruz program, which aims to reduce barriers to biking and encourage more people to commute downtown on bikes for transportation. The number of rebates is limited, with two rebates available, including a $400 base rebate and an $800 income-qualified rebate.

“We’re really excited about this new opportunity to support downtown employees who want an affordable, earth-friendly option to get to work,” said Claire Gallogly, City of Santa Cruz transportation planner. “Purchasing an e-bike can be an expensive roadblock to committing to an alternative commute. Doubling the GO Santa Cruz rebate will help more people purchase bikes to not only use for their work commute, but also to enjoy in our beautiful community.”

To apply for a rebate, downtown employees fill out a short application, watch a bike safety training video, and complete a training quiz and survey. Once approved, the applicant receives a voucher that must be redeemed within 45 days. Bike shops from all over Santa Cruz County are partnering with GO Santa Cruz to provide their expertise, inventory and exclusive offers to rebate recipients.

The GO Santa Cruz program is funded by parking fees from the City’s Downtown Parking District, with additional funding from City Carbon Funds, as well as Ecology Action, Riverstyx Foundation, People for Bikes, Kaiser Permanente and individual donors. Since the program launched, $9,200 of rebates have been dispensed, supporting $80,430 in e-bike sales at bike shops in Santa Cruz County.

To get started, visit the GO Santa Cruz e-bike rebate website.

About GO Santa Cruz

GO Santa Cruz is part of the City’s ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and play an active role in addressing climate change. The program features an online commute management tool to log alternative miles. Downtown employees can register by visiting In April 2021, GO Santa Cruz expanded to serve commuters countywide. Learn more at

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