GOODLES is launching into Target!


 | April 19, 2022

GOODLES, the Santa Cruz-based delicious and nutritious mac & cheese brand is reinventing the noodle aisle

Today, GOODLES is launching into Target with availability on and Target stores nationwide (and across all stores in early May!), including the Target store in Capitola!

Since GOODLES‘ DTC debut in November 2021, the brand has seen tremendous success, selling out in just 2.5 weeks post-launch. GOODLES’ huge demand in just six months shows the true need for a more nutritious version of everyone’s favorite mac & cheese and that the food isn’t just for kids, and now GOODLES is launching into national retail to broaden access for GOODLES. 

Through customer data, GOODLES has discovered that mac & cheese really is no longer just for kids, with 50% of GOODLES’ customers falling into the Millennial grouping (ages 26-41) and 84% of customers stating that GOODLES’ mac has changed their feelings and behaviors more positively towards the food category since the brand’s launch. Given this, GOODLES is committed to bringing even more adults and kids alike the opportunity to enjoy mac & cheese through retail partnerships and introducing new SKUs that allow greater access to the beloved food. Details below:

  • The brand is excited to offer more options to those with dietary restrictions in the upcoming season—starting with an unbelievably delicious vegan mac & cheese option. GOODLES has big plans to further its mission of changing the way we eat by adding nutrition to comfort foods that everyone loves. 

  • GOODLES’ four varieties, Mover & Shaker, Twist My Parm, Cheddy Mac, and Shella Good, will be available to shop at Target as of April 19th for $2.99 per box.

  • Each serving of GOODLES packs 15g of protein (60% > leading brands), 6g of fiber (3X > leading brands), and 21 nutrients from organic vegetables like kale, spinach, and maitake mushrooms, prebiotic flour to support immunity and gut health, and real cheese. 

For those of us living here in Santa Cruz ⬇︎

  • GOODLES’ ethos, colors, and packaging are inspired by the joyful setting of Santa Cruz along with the city’s rich food culture. GOODLES is proudly headquartered in the former Oasis Taproom on River St., where you can now purchase GOODLES mac & cheese. You can also find the noodles served up right next door at The River Cafe.

Jen Zeszut, CEO and Co-Founder of GOODLES with be telling her story at Santa Cruz Stories, Wednesday April 20. RSVP Here

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