Jianna Andrews “Don’t Come Close” – World Premiere Video


 | August 11, 2022

Jianna Andrews is an upcoming, soulful independent artist based out of Santa Cruz, California where she recently started her band, “Ji & The Cruzers”. She has grown up singing her entire life yet only recently has acted upon this passion. Jianna and her four bandmates, or “brothers” as she calls them, play a variety of soul, funk, pop, and original tunes around the city of Santa Cruz. Although young and lightly experienced, they bring a love for music that is undeniable and an electric vibe that you cannot ignore. Along the course of creating her band, Jianna flew to LA to work with producer Chris Flores to construct a handful of originals that will be dropped over the next couple months.

She is thrilled to finally create something that is solely her own and hopes to relate to, and reach those listening. Although, as any new artist, she is nervous because the world finally gets to see pieces of her she hasn’t been able to express before. The good, the bad, and the ugly, are themes in her music because the artist is not afraid to be unapologetically herself.

Jianna’s first of three singles coming out is called “Don’t Come Close”. “Don’t Come Close” falls into the pop/soul genre and is an incredible showcase of Jianna’s vocal range and style. This song revolves around a story of lust and passion, with toxic and destruction following close behind. Jianna depicts a woman who desperately does not want to fall back into the arms of her ex-lover. She has a constant inner conflict between her heart and head, yet her heart seems to take the cake.

Through the creation of “Don’t Come Close”, Jianna partnered with videographer Daniel Bragg, to paint a picture for her audience of inner conflict and distress, yet also show off her confidence and vocal strength. This is the first of many music videos, and songs to come for Jianna Andrews. If this is her “getting started”, the world better look out, she’s coming in hot.

Watch the video now ⬇︎(Actually, you have to wait till 6pm today 😁)

Presave link:

Instagram: @jiannaandrewsmusic

Tik tok: @jiannaandrewsmusic_


Facebook: Jianna Andrews Music


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