Top Five Social Media Marketing Do’s During COVID-19


 | May 12, 2020

Top Five Social Media Marketing Do’s During COVID-19

By Jill Stone, Senior Account Manager at Miller Maxfield

Managing social media marketing for your business has always had its challenges. But now with the new norm of the coronavirus, your business might face even more.  These Top Five Social Media Marketing Do’s are designed to help you navigate through these unprecedented times. 

  1. Don’t Stop Communicating

Keep posting, keep tweeting – while these challenging times may make it necessary for you to rethink your content, be sure to keep it going. Look at ways you can inspire, engage and educate your audience. Whatever you do – don’t communicating.

  1. Time to Pivot!

Depending on the nature of your business, it might be time to pivot when it comes to messaging. It’s time to review your social media content calendar (if you have one) and look to where you might want to make changes. Due to the nature of shelter in place and the unknowns that come along with it, consider crafting your content in shorter time amounts. This means looking 1-2 weeks out instead of a month. 

Flexibility and relevance are going to be your best friends during this unstable time in the economy – remember to embrace them!

  1. Engage – Get Outside of Your Bubble

Engagement goes beyond liking a comment on one of your recently created posts or tweets. It means conversing with followers on your page and others. Now is a great time to connect with posts from other businesses and community organizations. Maybe there’s a local restaurant you can promote because it’s not only your team’s favorite lunch location, but because we’re all in this together. There’s never been a better time to work on growing your organization’s community spirit.

  1. About Those In-Person Events

If you’re like many businesses, you might generate the greatest amount of engagement through in-person events. During these times, these types of event will have to be put on hold – but might be able to be replaced in some manner. With so many eyes on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram while we shelter in place, consider virtual options. Offer Q&A, a video of goods being crafted or a heartfelt message from the team.  

  1. You May Have Some Extra Time – Use It!

Spending more time at home may provide the opportunity for you to try something new when it comes to your social media marketing plan. Do it! Whether you enhance your skills on a platform you’ve been using for a while (they change often enough), try out something completely new (yes, TikTok is coming), or want to learn creative ways to produce images or videos – tools are out there for the taking. Need inspiration or ideas to get started? Check out:

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