Venus Spirits Wins at Sunset International Spirits Competition


 | November 3, 2023

SANTA CRUZ, California, October 26, 2023 – Venus Spirits has been awarded Best of Class,
Double Gold, and the Best Other Agave Spirits at the 5th annual Sunset International Spirits
Competition. Venus Spirits is thrilled to be amongst the winners for its roasted California
agave spirit, El Ladrón Yolo. The Sunset International Spirits Competition is an esteemed
competition that recognizes and honors excellence in the spirits industry. The panel of judges
include renowned industry experts and aficionados who bring a wealth of knowledge,
passion and refined palates to the bar. Each spirit is judged based on flavor, aroma,
craftsmanship, and overall quality. This recognition is a testament to Venus Spirits’
dedication to producing top-notch spirits. This achievement would not have been possible
without the hard work and commitment of our talented team, whose passion for innovation
and quality continues to drive our success.

Venus Spirits collaborated with Craig Reynolds of California Agave Ventures and Muller
Ranch to harvest 6000 pounds of agave from the farm located in Yolo County, CA. After
harvesting the six and seven year old plants, the piñas were pit roasted over almond wood in
traditional earthen hornos for seven days. The Venus team unearthed the roasted piñas and
transported them from Yolo County to the Venus Spirits distillery in Santa Cruz where they
were processed and the juice was extracted. After a ten-day fermentation with house agave
yeast, El Ladrón Yolo was double distilled in a hand pounded copper alembic still and
allowed to rest in stainless steel for six months before bottling. The final spirit has a soft
smoky quality that pays respect to traditional mezcal, while also creating a flavor profile that
is completely unique. Notes of tropical fruit, cinnamon and black pepper round out the finish.
El Ladrón Yolo is available in our tasting room and online shop, with shipping throughout

Venus Spirits, founded by Sean Venus, began as a small batch distillery and tasting room.
Over the years, it has grown and expanded its operations into two restaurants and a café.
Whether you are a new visitor or have been coming to our tasting room since 2015, we are
so appreciative of your support. Cheers!

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