Brew Cruz announces expansion with Slowboy!!!

Brew Cruz Expands Offerings with Second Bus  Santa Cruz’s Original Brewery Tour Adds Additional Public Tours in Restored Vintage VW Bus Santa Cruz, CA (February 6, 2018) – Annie Wolff Pautsch, founder of Brew Cruz, announced the expansion of her Santa Cruz-based brewery tour with the addition of a second bus. “Slowboy,” a newly restored 1964 VW Bus, will enable […]

Matthew Swinnerton

February 20, 2018

Interview with Daniel and Krista Fontius from Khordz Handmade Mugs

David Dennis (2016 NEXTies Give Back Person of the Year) from Ventana Surfboards & Supplies got a chance to sit down and interview Daniel and Krista Fontius from Khordz Handmade Mugs to talk about what they do and their reactions to being this years The 2017 NEXTies Awards Green Business of the Year. The 2017 NEXTies are happening March 24th at Rio Theatre. […]

Matthew Swinnerton

March 13, 2017

Kat Factor: Surviving and Thriving as a Musician

Written by Harrison Gough Kat Factor brings a unique blend of genres to the Santa Cruz music scene. Classically trained, yet keeping up with modern trends and influences, her music exists through the intersecting melodies of a network of collaborations—she is, in effect, a musician whose art is alive with the spirit of those close […]

Matthew Swinnerton

December 14, 2016

Bobcat Rob Armenti: In the Saddle

Written by: Logan Cooper Bobcat is a traveler at heart. Born in New Jersey, he left the East Coast as soon as he could to find something different, and found himself here in California – first in Tahoe, then in SoCal, and now in Santa Cruz, with a dozen different stops in between. His travels […]

Matthew Swinnerton

November 28, 2016

Austin Shaw – Never too Late to Make a Change

Written by: Logan Cooper When asked to describe his own music, Austin Shaw wasn’t totally sure how he could box in what he does, but said that his style was usually described as singer-songwriter meets Americana with some country-rock flair. This does a good job of starting to describe Shaw’s multifaceted music, and also carries […]

Matthew Swinnerton

November 28, 2016

Event Watsonville: The Business of Food, It’s a Wrap!

Written by: Logan Cooper With so much good food growing in the area, it’s no wonder that Watsonville is packed with as much culinary creativity as it is. Not wanting to miss out, we brought our usual event format over to the Watsonville Commercial Kitchen Incubator, where all sorts of foods entrepreneurs got chances to […]

Matthew Swinnerton

November 15, 2016

Embodying what it means to Eat Well: An interview with Ella King

  Written by Logan Cooper If you take the time to listen to Café Ella’s Django-Reinhardt-inspired theme song, you get the core of the idea: “Fresh food tastes good.” That in mind, Ella King wanted to bring her passion for fresh, local food to the people of Watsonville. Everything at Café Ella and its sister […]

Matthew Swinnerton

November 7, 2016

It’s a Wrap: PhotoBomb! Night Part 2 (See you next year!)

Written by Logan Cooper   With so much natural beauty around Santa Cruz, it’s no wonder that our funky little town is home base for so many photographers, professional and hobbyist alike: All we at Event Santa Cruz had to do was put them in one place, and supply a stage and good things were […]

Matthew Swinnerton

October 24, 2016

Documenting Joy with Photographer Carlie Statsky

Written by: Harrison Gough Carlie Statsky’s journey in photography began in Australia, when frozen hailstones hit hot earth and melted together during one summer caught on camera. While growing up between two continents, she had learned to carry a camera with her on her journeys; traveling and making tangible memories of her experiences instilled in her […]

Matthew Swinnerton

October 21, 2016

The List: Santa Cruz Photographers on Instagram

List created by: Patrick Primeau Santa Cruz has some of the most amazing photographers in the world. And of course many of them are on Instagram. Here is a list (that will be ever growing) of local photographers on Instagram. If we are missing some (And we know we are) email Also, don’t miss our next event […]

Matthew Swinnerton

October 19, 2016