A hobby that expanded into a business – Blackkat Leather

Our interview with Cassandra Amu from Blackkat Leather.   Tell us the story behind Blackkat Leather. How did it start? How did you come up with the idea?    A couple years ago on a flight back from the East Coast, we were rifling through the skymall (as you do on domestic flights when you forget to bring […]

Matthew Swinnerton

September 1, 2015

Photobomb! It’s a wrap…

PhotoBomb Wrap Up – By: Molly Lautamo Photography by: Crystal Birns Photography Sometimes it seems like anyone can be a photographer in this age of smartphones, photo-editing apps, and fancy Instagram filters. But then you see the work of someone with that creative eye – a true artist who’s been behind the lens for years – endlessly practicing, experimenting, and […]

Matthew Swinnerton

August 31, 2015

PopUp Night Wrap Up

Written by Molly Lautamo (mollylautamo.com) Photography by Allison Garcia (allisongarciaphoto@gmail.com) June’s event, PopUp, attracted over 170 people eager to hear the stories of eight local food entrepreneurs who are starting to dominate the Santa Cruz food scene. Attendees lined up outside An Epicurious Lifestyle’s (AEL) commercial kitchen, everyone eager to enter a courtyard filled with tables […]

Matthew Swinnerton

July 2, 2015

10 questions with Dave Grigsby from Kayak Connection

Kayak Connection is located in Santa Cruz and in Moss Landing and offers a wide variety of ways for people to get in contact with marine wildlife and local adventure first hand. We caught up with Dave Grigsby from Kayak Connection to hear about how he and his wife Jessica work to connect people with […]

Matthew Swinnerton

June 29, 2015

Jammin with Bradley Allen from Copper Pan Jams

So Bradley, what inspired you to make a company selling gourmet marmalade & jams?   My inspirations to start a company making jam from local organic fruits come from a range of people, organizations, ideals, events, and job experiences. On a trip to France in 1998, I remember breakfast always included fresh butter croissants accompanied […]

Matthew Swinnerton

June 22, 2015

An Interview with Noah Kopito from Mortal Dumpling

Finally, Dumplings in Santa Cruz! You no longer have to drive all the way up to San Francisco to find amazing dumplings and bao. Every Monday night at the Food Lounge, Noah Kopito has a menu with 26 diverse items. We got to catch up with Noah and find out what drove him to create […]

Matthew Swinnerton

June 15, 2015

A Santa Cruz history lesson with Jay Topping from Classic Jay’s Art & Signs and Promos in Motion

Had a great radio show today interviewing Jay Topping from Classic Jay’s Art & Signs and Promos in Motion. This guy knows his Santa Cruz history! Listen here 

Matthew Swinnerton

June 14, 2015

Healing Habits with Madia Jamgochian

Interview with Certified Nutrition Consultant Madia Jamgochian from My Healing Habits Questions and photos by Angela Aurelio Photography Tell me a little bit about My Healing Habits and your role as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. The name My Healing Habits was chosen to emphasize the fact that it is not always the foods we eat, but […]

Matthew Swinnerton

May 27, 2015

The LionFish Supper Club Love-Your-Mother Champagne Brunch

It’s a sunny Sunday in Santa Cruz, there is a light breeze in the air, and the smell of Grilled Homemade Banana Bread is wafting lazily through the high ceilings of the Santa Cruz Art Bar. The click of heels on concrete floors and the subtle sounds of chopping knives, accompanied by the pop of […]

Matthew Swinnerton

May 23, 2015

James Durbin’s new video “Santa Cruz”

Thank you James Durbin for writing such a great song about our town!

Matthew Swinnerton

May 16, 2015