The Tannery – A Curated Community Wrap-Up


 | November 9, 2015
Tannery Community Wrap Up

Written by Molly Lautamo (


The Tannery Arts Center is full of inspiring artists, from printmakers and sculptors to writers, musicians and dancers. Our October event celebrated these creative entrepreneurs with a fun gathering held just outside the Radius Gallery near the newly renovated Colligan Theater and the affordable live/work spaces that 270 individuals call home.


It was one of the last warm evenings of the year and an intimate crowd connected over food12080069_1016626155068460_5420625597235051225_o from Pure Heart Chocolate, My Mom’s Mole, and the Lionfish Supperclub. From 5-6pm Tannery artists opened up their studios so Event Santa Cruz attendees could engage with the artists and their art. At 7pm, the night’s speakers took to the stage and gave testimonial to the empowering effect the Tannery has had on their art and their lives.

Speakers included:

Ann Hazels – Radius Gallery (Watch the video)

Michelle Williams – Arts Council Santa Cruz County (Watch the Video)

Caroline Webster – WBSTR creative (Watch the Video)

Kirby Scudder – Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art (Watch the Video)

Cat Willis – Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center (Watch the Video)
















12094744_1016625635068512_4436534115928041695_oThe night also featured live music by Matt Ruiz (Watch the Video) and Wireless (Watch the Video).


The event gave just a taste of how the Tannery has impacted the artist community here in Santa Cruz. You can see for yourself just how powerful this place is for those who produce and appreciate art – visit the Tannery Arts Center website to discover a variety of events and workshops open to public.

Don’t forget to check out our next event!


image1Molly Lautamo is a writer and content strategist who loves hiking in the woods with her cattle dog, going on bouldering adventures, and actively exploring the local food and beer scene in Santa Cruz. To check out more of Molly’s writing, visit or follow her on Twitter @mlautamo.



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